Let’s work together to fulfil your financial goals by focusing on what you can control

When building a goal based mutual fund portfolio, Focus On What You Can Control

  • Equity as an asset class has the potential to beat inflation over the long term. As Equities rarely trade at fair value, gains in equities do not accrue in a linear fashion.
  • What matters is long term returns and not each year’s return.
  • Markets have always been volatile in nature. Only the reasons keep changing. The market never speaks.
  • How you behave in bear markets decides your long term investment returns.
  • Market corrections make valuations attractive and provide a window of opportunity to enhance long term portfolio returns.
  • Goals are just planned expenses at different points in our lives. From a new bike or a car to a new home, even a vacation or your child’s wedding! We all have different goals at every stage.
  • Here’s where planning your investments to meet each specific goal comes in. Identify and keep investing as per your goals – short term, medium term, long term.
  • Your investment portfolio should continuously attempt to reflect all your financial goals to the maximum possible extent and keep adjusting to your modified goals.
  • Asset allocation simply means how much of your money should be invested in equity, debt, etc. Invest as per your Risk Profile.
  • If you can identify, quantify and have a plan of action to address all of your’s and family’s financial goals, dreams and nightmares, you are most probably on the road to Financial Freedom.
  • While managing wealth, due importance should be given to managing risk and taxes.
  • Set up an Investment plan that allocates your assets based on your risk tolerance, so that you can sleep at night.
Mutual Fund Investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully. Information herein is only for reference purposes and does not constitute an investment advice.