Commission Disclosure

I, S Babu Arunachalam, ARN 10520, am a Mutual Fund Distributor and get my brokerage from asset management companies (mutual fund houses), which is part of the Total Expense Ratio as applicable to Regular Plans. Details of such brokerage are available in your Half Yearly Consolidated Account Statement, as mandated by SEBI Circulars dt. 18/3/16 & 20/9/16.

I do not charge any other fees for my services. 

The Maximum Expense Ratio Chargeable in Debt & Equity schemes under Regulation 52 of the SEBI (MF) Regulations, 1996 is as below-


Brokerage on Mutual Fund Schemes

April – June 2021
July – September 2021
October – December 2021
Jan – March 2022
April – June 2022
Jul-Sep 2022
Oct- Dec 2022

For any other details in this regard, you are welcome to email me at babuarunachalamarmfd@gmail.com

The Normal Turnaround Time for Complaints is 3 working days