Introducing UTI SMaRT Form – Single Mandate Registration & Transaction Form

Now you can initiate the following transactions from your registered mobile:

  • Make fresh lump sum investments
  • Start new SIPs
  • Redeem investments
  • Switch investments from one scheme to another scheme.

All KYC compliant investors are eligible for this facility. Investors can be either resident or non-resident but with a registered mobile number in India.

What is the applicable NAV for transactions initiated through this facility?
The date and time of receipt of confirmation SMS received from the investor’s registered mobile number, will determine the date of acceptance of the transactions. For investments below Rs 2 lakh in all schemes other than UTI Liquid Cash Plan and UTI MMF, the transaction will be processed on the same day if you send the OTP before 2 pm. For all other purchases where the scheme is UTI Liquid Cash Plan or UTI MMF and/or the transaction amount is more than Rs 2 lakh, the transaction will be processed upon realization of the funds.
What is the significance of Mobile and Email ID on the form?
The Mobile Number and Email address provided in the registration form shall super cede the existing email and mobile number details given in the original application form.

How to get started?
You just need to download the smart buddy form and reach it to me. It takes about 15 working days to get this facility activated.

Below category of investors not eligible for this facility

  • Minors
  • Non-individual investors
  • Folios which have joint holding
  • Non KYC compliant investors.

Please contact me for more details about this facility.