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Investment Options

The aim of any good investment is to beat inflation and generate net positive returns over inflation and help investor reach the desired financial goal. And in this process the investment risk needs to be recognized in order to opt for the investment product that matches with the investors risk perception. And in goal based investing, a proper combination of products matching for the time horizon of the given financial goal is of utmost importance. The purpose of this sheet is to exactly hand hold the investor through the chosen goal based investment process.


Child Education &Other Planning Solutions

Every investor has different cash flow structure and most often a combination of regular cash flow and some periodical lumpsums to invest.

This again is a simple excel sheet to help to figure out how much it takes on a monthly / annual basis to reach a given financial goal at a given return. Also this sheet helps to understand the inflation and tax effects on investment returns. For Eg, an investment yielding 9% returns after the investors tax bracket of 30% may actually yield only [9-2.70] 6.30% net returns which is the number to look for persons in high tax bracket. Similarly if the cost of child education today is 3 Lakhs and one is planning for this 18 years from now at an assumed inflation level of 7% the future cost would be around 12 Lakhs.

Retirement Calculator

During our working period, our income takes care of our living expenses. Retirement planning is all about provisioning for our desired life style expenses after we stop working. For this we need to compute our requirement at today’s cost[exclude all expenses that may not be there during retirement like children education, home and other loan repayments, etc and do not forget to provide for health and travel related expenses which may rise during the golden years], and then apply inflation and see how much we might require for retirement on a monthly basis. Once we compute this figure, then to find out the savings required to meet this important financial goal. This excel sheet has a basic planner and an advanced planner in two work sheets. You may choose to work around with numbers that you feel are most close to the real situation.


This excel sheet takes you through various time frames and desired targets to reach with a given return. You can play around with your own numbers. Do not fail to note that early investment always pays for itself earlier. You need to save much lesser if you start earlier for reaching the same target and with same returns as shown below. Power of compounding is a great friend for the early investor.


Total portfolio return is a very important number to watch in investments.

Many a time in our financial life we have made several investments and also hear of great investment stories of our friend and relatives. But here in this simple excel sheet, with which you can do a reality check. Some sample investment figures are given to take you further.

If only you can input the real numbers of those investments,
date and amount of investment[in negative as it is cash gone out] and input
date and amount of sale proceeds[or if not sold, current date and current market value]
you can find out what the actual return numbers are! Whether they have beaten inflation and if yes by what extent. It is not a great investment if it has not even beat inflation.